Own Methodology

We are not a ‘camp based’ organization.
We believe in long term commitments as the only way to achieve the excellence, therefore we usually prefer to work with those athletes who are willing to commit for longer time.
We developed our own methodology over the years and it’s proven: no experiments

Towards the highest goals

  We provide state of the art Alpine ski coaching to institutions and individuals with high performance long term goals.

It can be 4 years Olympic, Universiada, JWC, FIS or any other training cycles.

Clubs, teams and organizations

We understand the resource constrains that most ski clubs face and the sometimes complicated process of been able to provide a highly technical coaching to the team. We are supporting clubs, private teams, schools and collectives.

International Athletes

We are a truly international center (and not just by our name). We have athletes from more than 30 countries in our training programs.  We can also help to facilitate school / university integration inside a high performance program


We are a highly technical Alpine Ski Race Center, located in Europe
-Switzerland and Norway –

Located in two of the mayor epicenters of the Alpine Ski race culture


We provide state of the art Alpine ski coaching to institutions and individuals with high performance long term goals. It can be 4 years Olympic, Universiada, JWC or any other training cycles.

We also support and create private teams willing to achieve the highest results, either in FIS level( working towards entering a National Team program) and after in a private team organization, without any limit.

Our support includes:
On-snow technical coaching (SL – GS)Speed coaching (SG – Downhill), Ski Cross.

Mental training (with a full program) including visualization techniques, activation levels, positive reinforcement, and others.

Fitness preparation – Alpine ski specific

Equipment tuning assessment : Boot fitting and Ski tuning

One of our services it’s also to create the full Alpine Ski Race program for institutions such as Schools, Universities, Military teams and some others.


Private teams in Alpine Ski

One of the  Mid / High School and Universities challenges is to find long term Alpine ski coaches who can start and define a long term plan.

Traditionally many of these education centers rely on local ski instructors that unfortunately can only provide a limited service; either because the lack of coaching experience and certifications, long term commitment with the team, and the ski school lessons structure.

We have a track record of professionally supporting International Schools and Universities in achieving their alpine ski goals , while been seamless integrated inside the school organization.

All training groups needs a clear planning that includes macrocycles, microcycles, fitness tests, nutrition guidelines, equipment tuning, pre-season sessions and race cycle support.

Our job is to create the long term programs, to provide the technical crew (coaches, fitness preps, physiotherapist , etc.) and to guide the students towards the sport success without interfering their normal academic .

We also have a program for teachers, parents and chaperones in order to transmit all those values to the rest of the athlete’s life.

We commit to at least full seasons or longer programs.


With Olympic experience
Technical + Speed


A healthy athlete in healthy performance. Injuries prevention and treatment


Elite Fitness programs managed by certified profesionals


One of the most important and underrated key performance elements

News – Private ladies team u16-u18

We created a private women team pre-FIS / FIS in Switzerland for 18-19 season.
Please contact us if you are a committed racer willing to enjoy the dedication of a private team.

This is an extensive high performance program

Based in Luzern-Zurich area of Switzerland

Contact : info@skiracingcenter.com


The Secret of Success

We give a special importance to the Mental preparation.
In WorldCup it’s usually said that 80% of the final performance relies on the mental strengths .
Mental training is conducted by coaches and sports psychologists and this skill development it’s something that will benefit the athletes in all their sports and non-sports lives. Mental training contributes to maximize self-esteem, positivisms, creativity and safety plus been the single most important aspect of the long term sports success.


Inspections, inner and outside visualizations and many other important techniques such as kinestesic skills.


Over-excited? under-excited before a race? There are drills and exercises to help you performe


Negative thoughts can be one of the biggest drags in a racer performance. How to deal with them?


How do we breath totally affects how do we act and how do we think too. Learning the correct way to breath will help significantly to any athlete

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